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Groceries & Supplies

There are a few options for groceries. 


Probably the best place to get groceries is in Placencia Village.  There is a large white building on the way into the village of Placencia on the west (lagoon-side) of the road called Top Value.  It is the largest grocery store with a large supply of dry and canned goods as well as wine and liquors, but has little fresh fruit and vegetables.  Ming's is located farther down the road on the east side  Wallen’s store is located right in the centre of the village on the east side of the road.  It is across from the ball field.  It is a brown 2 story building with a grocery store downstairs and a pharmacy and Italian restaurant upstairs.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are available from several small kiosks and open shops situated along the road, with our favorite run by Greg and located beside the soccer field in the middle of town (across from Tutti Frutti gelateria).   


A closer option is to stop by the large white grocery store in Maya Beach.  This is only about a 10 minute drive south of our house.  It is open every day.  They have wine and beer, dry goods, frozen meat, canned goods, milk, cheese and soft drinks.  The Peninsula grocery store in Seine Bight is located on the ocean side of the road and has a good variety of dry goods, wine, beer, liquor, frozen meats, and a limited amount of fresh fruit / vegetables - it is a large 2 story cement building with large garage-type doors.  


There are several bakeries in Placencia where you can get bread and cinnamon buns. If you keep an eye out while driving into Placencia village you will see signs. 


If you are not sure where to find something, ask Orlando.


Grocery List

These are some commonly used grocery items that are (usually) available on the peninsula.  Please indicate which items you would like us to pick up and stock in the house for your arrival.  You pay our caretaker for the groceries and a small service charge when you arrive.



Fresh Milk (usually whole milk, but sometimes 2% and skim are available)

UHT Milk (whole or low fat)

Cottage cheese

Sour cream

Cheddar cheese

Processed cheese



Salsa and natcho chips

Fresh orange juice

Coke, Sprite, Fanta (red, orange, yellow)

Diet Coke

Red wine (Chilean, Australian and California merlot, cabernet sauvignon, shiraz is variably available)

White wine (as above; chardonnay, sauvignon blanc usually available)


Tequila (this is usually expensive!)







Green peppers




Cereals (corn flakes, raisin bran, rice cereal)

Dried pasta (spaghetti, lasagna noodles)

Tomato paste

Spaghetti sauce (canned)

Baked beans

Kidney beans

Canned vegetables (peas, corn, mixed)

Coconut milk

Coconut cream

Sliced ham

Hot dog wieners

Chicken for roasting

Pork chops

Ground steak (beef)

Back bacon

Side bacon


Cinnamon buns

Peanut butter

Fruit jam


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