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Pool and Dock

We have a 15 X 15 foot pool on the deck.  It is about 5 feet depth throughout.  If you have small children, they can use the lifejackets we keep at the house in the garage.   

The pool does require some regular care.  Orlando does the regular care and maintenance. Because of the strong UV light, chlorine is used up very quickly.  In the garage and pantry/storage room we keep testing strips, pH reducer, pH raiser, and chlorine tablets.  We will have the pool chemicals balanced on your arrival, but every 2 or 3 days you should check the pool with the test strip and add a chlorine tablet (as needed) to the skimmer box (located on the house side of the pool on the right hand side.  You can add the appropriate pH raiser or reducer as needed to maintain the proper pH (instructions on test strip box).   The pool water level may go down depending on use of the pool (children tend to splash a lot!!) and wind / heat exposure.  If the pool level is below the first row of tiles, please let Orlanda know and he will fill it up.  He will run the pump and backwash the pool regularly.  Please let Orlando know if the pool becomes murky or the pump doesn’t seem to be running…we usually have it on a timer to run for part of each day.



We have a lovely dock which we have recently extended.  It has a palapa covered area complete with hammocks and hammock chairs and an open area at the end for sunbathing or star-gazing.  There are lights on the walkway of the dock which are on a timer and there is a light switch for an overhead light under the palapa (we almost never use this though).  There is a lower dock area which is helpful for getting in and out of the water.  The water is quite shallow.  There is some sea grass, but also some sandy bottom.  We have caught some reasonable sized fish right from the dock.  There is some fishing gear in the storage room.  If you are really interested in serious fishing, however, best to have a guide take you out to the reef.  We have a couple of kayaks, complete with paddles.  Please bring them well up onto the beach after use, so it won't get washed away in the tide!  The glass-bottomed kayak is subject to getting scratched, so please pick it up and avoid scraping it along the sand. Orlando uses the kayak sometimes when he goes fishing in the early mornings.  Orlando can take you out to fish or snorkel using our boat if you want. 

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